About Henry Hughes Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

Firm Profile

The firm Henry Hughes Limited was established in 1882 by Mr. Henry Hughes, a steam engine inventor, and we are proud to be the oldest firm of patent and trade mark attorneys in New Zealand... More

Henry Hughes Law Profile

In 1991, the law firm Henry Hughes & Co. was set up to handle the increasing volume of litigation, copyright and licensing work. With the presence of this associated law firm, we offer a full range of litigation services covering all aspects of intellectual property law and practice. Clients who have utilised the services of the law firm have found it both efficient and cost-effective... More

Who is Henry Hughes?

Henry Hughes (born 12 June 1833 – died 4 June 1896) was educated at University College, London, where he received certificates of honour in civil engineering and architecture... More

Our City, Our Country

We are based in Wellington, the “Innovation Capital” of New Zealand, but our staff comes from other places within New Zealand and from overseas. Wellington is the home of the New Zealand government and therefore many of the ministries and departments of the government are based in Wellington, as are a number of embassies and consulates... More


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