Life Sciences


The life science team at Henry Hughes IP has decades of experience in advising clients in the field, whether they be small start-up companies, universities or multi-national pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise covers all aspects of life sciences from antibodies and genomic material to small organic molecules, from viruses to whole animals and from food and agricultural technology to medical technologies.

Like the science itself, IP protection landscape for life sciences subject matter has changed significantly in recent years. We have recognised experts in patenting life science subject matter around the world, and utilise this knowledge to the benefit of our clients.

What we can do for you

At Henry Hughes we recognise that each client’s protection need is different. For international clients we have a proven track record of navigating Australian and New Zealand law to achieve the best protection possible for an invention. For smaller clients we recognise the need for a holistic approach to advice and understand the importance of marrying an IP protection strategy to the business strategy. Whilst patent protection is an important aspect of any life science company strategy, the relevance of other intellectual property rights such as trade marks and trade secrets should not be ignored.

Of course protecting an intellectual property right is only half of the story. We can assist in all steps of infringement proceedings, from drafting and sending cease and desist letters, through to court proceedings in the High Court and beyond (through our associated law firm Henry Hughes Law).

We can also assist companies in avoiding infringement of other intellectual property rights, whether that be by conducting early stage watch services or freedom to operate searches, or by challenging the validity of a right. The life sciences team are very familiar with all stages of the examination, opposition and revocation processes and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each, enabling to determine which avenue is the best fit for a particular client.

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