Dispute Resolution

It is important to enforce your IP rights.  We are well experienced at conducting pre- and post- registration proceedings in relation to patents, trade marks and designs before the Commissioner.  Through our law firm Henry Hughes Law we can act in any appeals from decisions of the Commissioner to the High Court and beyond. Henry Hughes Law is also experienced in running and defending cases relating to the infringing use of IP rights, and the enforcement of border protection notices.  You can read more about enforcement of IP here.

However, you may view litigation as a last resort or undesirable outcome.  We understand that there is often a pragmatic commercial outcome that will more appropriately meet our client’s needs.

We have been involved in the settlement of numerous disputes involving local and also multi-national parties, including negotiating the terms of settlement and drafting the settlement agreement.  We are proud to settle many of the disputes faced by our client’s in a pragmatic, commercial focused manner.

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