Domain Names

Domain names are an important part of any business.

Domain names are registered in New Zealand through registrars who are authorised by the .nz Domain Name Commission.

Within the .nz domain name space, registration is available at the second level (eg., and third level (eg. There are currently 15 second level domains (2LDs) in New Zealand, and six of these are moderated, that is, they have a restricted usage whereby proposed domain name are scrutinised for their suitability by a moderator appointed by the Domain Name Commissioner. Currently the following 2LDs are moderated:;;;;; and

We can assist you in determining whether your trade marks are registered as a domain name in the .nz domain. We have been successful in retrieving for clients, domain names that have been improperly registered by third parties. This can be achieved through the Domain Commission’s Dispute Resolution process which involves an initial mediation process followed by an expert determination if requested by the complainant. 

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