Frank Callus

Frank Callus


BSc (Hons)
Registered Patent Attorney, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom



PH: (+64) 04 381 6050 | e-mail: | Download vcard

Frank Callus qualified as a UK and European Patent Attorney before joining Henry Hughes in 1986. He became a Director of Henry Hughes in 1991. He has a bio-physics background and, with the experience gained in English and European Patent Law, prior to joining Henry Hughes, has over 30 years experience in Intellectual Property Law. Frank works with a network of global colleagues and experts to service a wide range of clients. His major focus is in the area of patents (mechanical engineering & chemistry), and trade marks.

Frank is a registered Patent Attorney in New Zealand and Australia. He is also a UK Chartered Patent Attorney and passed the European Patent Office (EPO) qualifying examination in 1985.

Frank's clients, national and international, operate in pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic films, mechanical, timber/paper, agriculture and dairy industries.

His professional memberships include: Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Patent Attorneys (NZIPA), Chartered Patent Attorney (CPA); Intellectual Property Society of Australia & New Zealand (IPSANZ), Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Industielle (FICPI), Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA) and Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (CIPA).

Frank is a past-President of NZIPA having served on the NZIPA Council for 12 years. He is also a past-President of the NZ group of APAA and a New Zealand representative on the APAA Council. From 1999 – 2004, Frank was a member of the Examination Board for NZIPA and has been appointed again since 2006.

At a Joint Forum of FICPI and APAA in New Delhi in 2000, Frank presented a paper on the Patent Co-operation Treaty, and was a panel member in a PCT workshop at the APAA General Assembly in Thailand in 2012. He is co-editor of the publication, An Intellectual Property Guide for Life Sciences in NZ 2004. For a copy of this publication please contact Frank.

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