It is necessary to monitor and protect you IP rights. As a full service IP firm, we can develop a suitable enforcement strategy which may include watching briefs, border protection notices, oppositions, revocations, and litigation.

Every accepted trade mark or patent application is advertised to give interested parties a chance to oppose the application. At Henry Hughes we have a dedicated team of opposition specialists who have successfully pursued many oppositions.

Even after they have been granted, patents, trade marks, registered designs and plant variety rights can be revoked in certain cases. We have experienced favourable outcomes in revocations and cancellations.

Our people regularly appear before the Commissioner of Patents, the Commissioner of Trade Marks in opposition and revocation proceedings.

Through our related law firm Henry Hughes Law we are able to represent clients in appeal from decisions of the Commissioner through the High, Appeal and Supreme Courts of New Zealand. We also have the skills and experience to prosecute or defend infringement cases relating to the full range of IP rights.

However, we do not lose sight of the possibility that settlement may an option at any time during an opposition, revocation, appeal or infringement action and we have successfully negotiated numerous settlements and co-existence arrangements applicable to New Zealand or the world.

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