Celebrating Living Wage Week

During the week of 13th -17th November, we celebrated the annual Living Wage Week, which acknowledges accredited businesses for their commitment to paying staff at least the living wage.

We proudly became a New Zealand Living Wage Employer to ensure our team receives fair remuneration for their dedication to excellence thus fostering a motivated and satisfied workforce.

We place a great deal of value in committing to fairness and dignity within the workplace, by empowering our employees with wages that supports their needs without undue financial stress.

We believe such a commitment is vital in the legal industry, where graduates and interns are frequently taken on by firms at a low cost to the business. At Henry Hughes, we believe that young people are a worthy investment in an industry that is constantly changing and requires fresh perspectives.

Our youngest staff member Gracie Scragg has been paid the living wage since her onboarding in March 2022. She says that “being paid the living wage has allowed me to put my best foot forward in my career. It’s given me the ability to live comfortably while paying off my student loan, which is not something many people my age can say”.

We thank our clients for affording us the ability to support our staff through the Living Wage Accreditation.

Gracie Scragg - November 2023

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