Samoa joins the Madrid System

With the deposit of its instrument of accession with WIPO on 4 December 2018, Samoa (previously known as Western Samoa) becomes the 103rd member of the Madrid Union.

As of 4 March 2019 the Madrid Protocol will enter into force for Samoa. This means that trade mark owners will be able to designate Samoa in their new international application, or owners of existing international registrations can apply to subsequently designate Samoa to add it to the existing registration.

The deposit includes a declaration for the extension of the refusal period to 18 months and beyond for oppositions (Articles 5(2)(b) and (c) of the Protocol).

Samoa will become one of the early adopters of the new rules regarding the division and merger of International Registrations (Rule 40(6) of the Common Regulations, concerning new Rules 27bis(1) and 27ter(2)).

Elena Szentivanyi - December 2018

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