Our Brand

We are proud that our firm can trace its heritage back to the very beginning of the profession in New Zealand. Our name is important to us and an integral part of our brand.

We have chosen the hexagon as a shape which represents who we are, what we do and many aspects of our work with our clients.

The congruent sides and interior angles of the hexagon make for a visually pleasing shape, a shape which has certain valuable properties such as strength, stability, economy and efficiency.

The hexagon can be recognized in many of the industries we work with. This shape will be familiar to chemists and materials scientists as representing one of the fundamental building blocks of pharmaceuticals, as well as the basic unit of graphene, a material used in many nanoscale technologies, as well as the semiconductor and electronics industries. In the food and beverage industry, the hexagon appears in honeycombs, and this strong and efficient packing arrangement is also used to pack products for shipping. In the mechanical and construction industry, the hexagon is put to work in the humble nut and bolt, in tiling applications, and providing lightweight strength in composite materials. In the life sciences the hexagon can also be found in the shape of flowers, snowflakes and the pattern on the turtle’s shell to name a few.

The six sides of the hexagon represent six key areas of intellectual property: patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, plant variety/breeders rights and domain names. Each of these rights is its own legal speciality, but the interlinking between, represented by the internal lines, is crucial to an overall IP strategy.

Last but not least, the initials of Henry Hughes, the founder of our firm, are represented in the intersecting lines of our logo. We are very proud of our reputation first established in 1883, and continued by our comprehensive service to our clients in the 21st century.

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