Henry Hughes IP

This year the firm Henry Hughes IP celebrates its 140th anniversary, having been established in 1882 by Mr. Henry Hughes, a steam engine inventor.  We are proud to be the first firm of patent and trade mark attorneys in New Zealand.

Amongst the firm’s early clients was Richard Pearse, the inventor of a flying machine in which, it is claimed, Pearse achieved the world’s first powered flight in March 1903 – some nine months before the Wright brothers. In 1906, New Zealand Patent No. 21476 was granted to Pearse, a Temuka farmer, for “an improved aerial or flying machine”, describing the first known ailerons (moveable flaps on the wings). Pearse later invented (but did not fly) a “convertiplane”, with a tilting engine to allow for vertical take-off and landing and was granted New Zealand Patent No. 87637. His many other unpatented inventions included a motorcycle, recording machine, potato planter, top dresser and two sorts of music box.

From these humble beginnings, the present firm has developed. We have experienced and well qualified principals and staff, with a considerable range of qualifications. We aim to provide to client's prompt, excellent and cost-effective services and solutions. While expanding to meet our client needs, we have not forgotten our roots and provide a personal touch to our services and interactions with clients. All work is carried out by our principals or under their direct and close supervision. We recognise, as a fundamental goal, the need to develop and further the interests of our clients. We are independent and take conflicts seriously.

We are proud to have among our clients a diverse range of multinational and New Zealand companies including, pharmaceutical, electronic, food, and clothing companies as well as clients in the entertainment industry.

For over a hundred years Henry Hughes has provided quality service as a boutique firm. We look forward with enthusiasm to continuing and developing this tradition in the future.

Henry Hughes IP Limited is registered as an Incorporated Patent Attorney under the Patents Act 1990 (Cth). Henry Hughes is the trading name of Henry Hughes IP Limited, a privately owned limited liability company registered in New Zealand and regulated by the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board.

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