In New Zealand copyright protection is provided for under the Copyright Act 1994.

There is no requirement or procedure for the registration of copyright works in New Zealand. There is provision for the protection of performer's rights.

Copyright gives the creator of a work the exclusive right to allow others to use or copy that work. If you own copyright in a work, you may be entitled to acknowledgement of ownership and a payment if another party uses your work.

It is possible to lodge border protection notices for copyright works with the Customs Service of New Zealand to prevent the importation of pirated works into New Zealand.

New Zealand is a signatory to both the Berne Convention and Universal Convention on Copyright and through these international agreements you may be entitled to copyright protection in New Zealand even if not a New Zealand citizen or not resident in New Zealand.

There are many organisations which can facilitate the collection of royalties for the use of copyright works in New Zealand.

Contact us with any questions you may have about licensing and protecting your copyright works in New Zealand.

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