Supporting the next generation of New Zealand designers

Congratulations to the winners of the Henry Hughes IP awards at the Victoria University of Wellington School of Design’s 2015 end of year exhibition. 

We are proud to again be supporting the awards. As a firm which specialises in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, we know how important it is that up-and-coming designers are celebrated and encouraged to create.

Henry Hughes IP gazetted the exhibition with the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand to ensure that the students who displayed their work at the exhibition have six months from the opening date of the exhibition to apply for any New Zealand patents or registered designs.

The winners of the Henry Hughes IP awards in 2015 are:

Master of Design Innovation winner: “Project Keynos” by Chris Collins, Marcel Blokker, Jacob Duligall, Crystal Johnston and Patrick Kauraka

“Project Keynos” is a gesture-based computer operating system using Microsoft Kinect. The operating system is controlled by the user’s hand gestures. This is potentially a useful tool in many industries, for example, medical training.

Culture+Context Design winner: “Fun Crossing” by Charlotte Langridge

An innovative solution to the problem of jaywalking. To keep pedestrians at a crossing from getting bored while waiting for the signal to cross, they can play an electronic game controlled by tapping their feet against pressure-sensitive mats.

Industrial Design winner: “Coffee Table” by Isla Davies

This elegant coffee table can be transformed from a flat pack to an assembled table in the blink of an eye. The table is both stylish and practical.

Media Design winner: “The Dark Within” by Levi Berge, Theo Carr, Paul Matthews, Ethan Roberts and Nicola Roundill

“The Dark Within” is a video game in which a player must navigate through the rooms of a dark and creepy house. The careful attention to detail throughout the game enhances the realism and suspense.

November 2015

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