Case Study, FPG

FPG designs and markets temperature controlled food and drink display cabinets.

FPG display cabinets are preferred by retailers of fresh food and drinks around the world - from cafes and bakeries, c-stores, supermarkets, hospitality to food speciality such as movie theatres and airport terminals. Engineered for high energy efficiency and to meet critical core product temperatures, FPG cabinets incorporate design elements to optimise the presentation of their client's food and beverage products. By enhancing visual presentation and incorporating technology to extend shelf life, FPG cabinets help to increase sales and reduce waste.

We work with FPG to develop and implement IP strategy to protect technology and brand developments, and maintain FPG's position as a leader in food and beverage display solutions. The IP strategy has extended to include FPG's latest range of cabinets - Isoform - which includes innovations in food display. These innovations help to maintain FPG's strong position and reputation in the competitive global food display market.

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