Case Study, Incept Marine Ltd, FabDock Pty Inc

Incept Marine Ltd and FabDock Pty Inc develop and sell bespoke and off the shelf inflatable dry docks

The FAB Dock allows a boat to be removed from the marine environment, reducing the need for anti-fouling, whilst still allowing the convenience of driving in and out of the mooring. As part of their bespoke business, the team develop dry docks for a range of difficult or non-standard conditions such as high tidal flows or non-uniform hull shapes. The developments can then be incorporated into new or existing off-the-shelf products. These innovations maintain FAB Dock's market leading position, especially when they are faced with the ability of competitors to manufacture copycat products at a reduced cost. Henry Hughes IP works with Incept Marine and FAB Dock to develop an IP strategy protecting their brand and product developments in key markets to maintain the FAB Dock's position as the premier in-water dry dock technology.

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